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Water Walk 2017. The kids raised a total of $966.80, … enough for 14 water filters in Uganda!




maize milling equipment

Missions / Development projects:


For a number of years, our international involvement has been with water development projects in Uganda. In the past 2 years we’ve focused more specifically on partnering with Compassion Canada. The primary building blocks of their ministries are the child sponsorships they undertake. We have guest speakers come & share about the value & impact of sponsorships but we leave it to families & individuals to take on that aspect if they so wish. As a church we undertake to support the parallel projects in East Africa that come as a result of their work with vulnerable children We’ve supported some seemingly smaller things like mosquito nets and solar lights, some larger projects like maize milling equipment, … and of course we carry on with the work of water & sanitation projects that change lives in so many different ways. Our last Silent Auction (Fall 2016), for instance, raised enough funds to build a set of latrines for a Compassion Centre in Rwanda and we’ve begun some thinking about what we might do this Spring! Perhaps we’ll build a kitchen to feed some kids?

We like what Compassion does! Check out their projects & gift ideas for yourself at https://www.compassion.ca/shop/


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